Urbandata is producing Urbadoc wich is a joint production, bringing together over 1,000,000 references on urban and regional planning and policy, housing, social policy, infrastructure, architecture, transportation, local government policy and environment, from major databases in Britain, France, Germany, Italy and Spain.

Germany: ORLIS
Approx 200,000 references.
Deutsches Institut für Urbanistik

Approx 87,000 references.
Centro de Información y Documentación Científica

United Kingdom: ACOMPLINE and URBALINE (not updated yet)
Approx 150,000 references.
Research Library of Greater London Authority

Italy: Docet, Bibliodata, Art-Press and Archivio Progetti A Masieri
Approx 55,000 references.

Approx 350,000 references.
Réseau Urbamet
Urbamet is a network of more than 100 organizations, represented by IAU île-de-France and the French Ministry for Facility, Housing and Transport.